Hotel Presidente Benidorm


Staying at the Hotel Presidente means experiencing a journey through your senses. And if we are talking about journeys and senses, there is no better place to stop and delight yourself than our restaurant, where eating becomes an opportunity to explore new experiences and where every dish is prepared with great care and attention by our kitchen team.

All this in a beautiful design restaurant to which only our dear guests are allowed access, so that only you and your people can enjoy it.

Hurry up, our doors open and your meal is ready for you!

Main buffet

The best stews, the juiciest meats and the freshest and highest-quality fish are waiting for you. Meet our rice-expert chefs, who will offer you day and night a great variety of the best of Valencian cuisine.

Hotel Presidente Benidorm

Show cooking

At Hotel Presidente you can enjoy the best show cooking in all Benidorm. FlambĂ©ed dishes, spectacular desserts prepared on-site and in front of your eyes, huge chocolate or cheddar-cheese waterfalls… Do not miss out on our best jewel, our live cuisine.

Hotel Presidente Benidorm


Different types of cakes, custards, dairy products and hot desserts, all of them homemade, as well as pre-cut fruits.

We also offer a specific buffet of fresh seasonal fruit, where priority is given to local products so as to protect the environment through sustainable gastronomy.

Hotel Presidente Benidorm

Theme nights

When the sun goes down, our famous theme nights will bring you the best delicacies and dishes from the Far East: theme nights such as our Indian night, which will make you relive the delicacies of stories like the Thousand and One Nights, nights that will bring you closer to the wonders of Mexican culture or to the wonderful and powerful Spanish cuisine, the best in the world.

Hotel Presidente Benidorm

We look after you

We offer you a careful selection of products and provide you with comprehensive information on food allergies or intolerances to facilitate responsible food consumption.

In addition, we follow the strictest quality and food hygiene controls to guarantee the maximum safety of the products we offer in our buffet.

Hotel Presidente Benidorm