Hotel Presidente Benidorm

Philippines 10

The Philippines 10 is a cabaret party room located within the Hotel Presidente. It is an elegant place with a warm atmosphere that aims to offer the customer a great experience and quality service.

Art Deco style: the 20s are back

The original idea that is seen with the decoration was to reflect a high quality establishment, which is simbolised through the gilding, whilst also having a retro touch of the 70’s nightclubs (the time in which the hotel was built) and a hint of exoticism, which is suggestive of the colonial era. The location of the hotel, Philippines Avenue 10, made it easy to decide the name: Philippines 10. The main style is the Art Deco of the 20s, which were the years of excess that are reflected in the interior design of the large bourgeois buildings, which are characterised by the use of gold, geometric patterns, clean shapes and rich textures.

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